How is Cross-laminated Timber Manufactured?


Cross-Laminated Timber is created by stacking lumber in alternating directions, and being pressed together with strong adhesives to form a strong panel. These panels can be formed into 3-ply, 5-ply, or 7-ply, depending on the project’s needs. 


The details of cross-laminated timber manufacturing vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but generally follow the process below.

  1.     Lumber is selected for use within the CLT panel. The lumber is visually or mechanically graded and moisture content is checked. Moisture content must be 12% +/- 3%
  2.     Group lumber by grade
  3.     Plane lumber to appropriate thickness
  4.     Finger-joint and cut individual boards to length
  5.     Lay-up panel and apply adhesive
  6.     Fabricate, machine, and cut panels
  7.     Final finish including sanding and putty application
  8.     Wrap panel and store for shipping
  9.     Ship panel

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