Do You Have A Project We Can Help With?

Design Assist

DRJ has dedicated project personnel available to assist with your mass timber project needs.  Specific project experience has taught DRJ that it is important to engage and bring on the mass timber provider early on in the design phase of the project in order to achieve a buildable design- within budget.  DRJ mass timber design specialists are experts in performing take-offs, identifying value engineering opportunities based on manufacturing capabilities, collaborating and communicating routinely with the project team throughout the design process and providing updated budgetary estimates as the design evolves or markets change.

DRJ is committed to the successful completion of your mass timber project and that success starts by providing the project decision makers with knowledgeable, accurate & timely information they can use in designing the structure.

Beam / Column Supply

DRJ has been manufacturing custom glue laminated mass timber components for 50+years at the Riddle, OR production facility.  Each and every component DRJ produces are manufactured to specific project tolerances & specifications.  If your project requires glulam columns or  beams rest assured knowing the pros at DRJ can provide your project with industry leading engineered wood products.


Glulam Beams/Columns

Douglas Fir GLB                         145’ max length             20” max width               108” max depth

Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC)       145’ max length             20” max width               108” max depth

Custom Curved Beams available in both Douglas Fir and AYC

Beam Fabrication

DRJ has the “in-house” ability to fabricate glulam beams and columns to project specifications & required tolerances.  The DRJ fabrication team utilizes both the approved shop drawings and 3D model interfaces to lay out each panel or beam requiring fabrication for the project.  The required cuts, millings or drillings are performed and rigorous QC checks are performed (post fabrication) to ensure all products ship conform to exact project specifications.  Whether or not DRJ is supplying the specific connectors for the project, an actual project specified connector will be utilized to make sure all fabrication details fit prior to shipping materials to the project site.

Shipping / Installation Logistics

DRJ has a dedicated logistics manager that will work with the installation team during the pre-construction design phase to develop a plan to address the specific challenges associated with delivering the materials to the project site.  During these collaborative sessions, an exact erection sequence plan will be worked out and will become the basis for how DRJ actually produces, stores and ships product to the site. A project specific labeling/numbering system will be created and each truck will be loaded so that the last component loaded onto a truck will be the first piece on site needed each day.  The craning/lifting plan will also be worked out and DRJ can provide shop installed lifting components to each part loaded on the truck.  The end goal being that each truck shows up to the site ready to be efficiently off-loaded directly onto the project frame- no lay-down area required.

Trusted Partners

Below are a few companies we have had the pleasure of partnering with on projects in some shape or form.