The 7th International Mass Timber Conference was a major success! Last week a few members of our team traveled to Portland to attend the largest mass timber event in the world. The International Mass Timber Conference is the largest gathering of mass timber experts in the world, focusing on the entire industry supply chain. It is an opportunity to learn about cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail-laminated timber, glulam, mass plywood panels, dowel-laminated timber, and laminated veneer lumber.

DRJ Wood Innovations has been a major sponsor & supporter of the conference since the very beginning. This year’s conference ended up with over 2,000 attendees! It was great opportunity for our team to connect with other major players in the industry. People from all over the world traveled to learn about cross-laminated timber & the benefits of mass timber construction. Our booth was a big hit at of the conference because of the showcasing of our beautiful CLT & Glu-lam beams. A DRJ Beam was also used as a large bar top area where the attendees could congregate. On the last day of the conference, our very own Valerie Johnson was recognized for leading the way in the mass timber industry & for being such a large part of getting this conference started years ago.