District Office is a large mass timber project designed by Hacker Architects, to create a fresh & flexible retail, office, and restaurant space in downtown Portland. The 90,000 sf, six-story building, is known for it’s exposed mass timber that consists of DR Johnson cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glu-laminated beams/columns. The CLT panels throughout the structure consisted of 3-ply panels, and the glulam spans ranged form 30 to 40 feet. One of the main objectives architecturally, was to fully expose the wood structure. This required strategical design thinking to ensure that the building’s design was aesthetically thoughtful, as well as structurally sound.

As the demand for mass timber grows and expands into modern-day construction, the State-of-Oregon is recognizing the more & more accommodations to mass timber. Click here, to learn more about the District Office Project & how it has come to life.