Sideyard: U.S. Building of The Week

According to world-architects.com, one of our very own projects, Sideyard, was selected as the U.S. Building of the Week! This beautiful cross-laminated timber building is located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. DR Johnson CLT and glu-laminated beams served as the building's main structure components, with the ground floor serving as store fronts, and the above floors serving as work spaces. Sideyard was designed to fit in a small 9,000 sf urban remnant property, as a working class building. For more on this article, click here.

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The Evolution of Construction

This article, done by CNN, talks about many of the benefits of the incredible product, cross-laminated timber (CLT). When comparing CLT’s to their competitors (steel and concrete), not only are they stronger, faster to put up, and even safer in the event of a fire, they also have  the ability to sequester a large amount of CO2 emissions. The article explains that construction makes up about 40% of the world’s energy consumption and about a third of the green-house gas emissions. The production and use of concrete emits a large amount of carbon while trees will absorb it. Once a tree dies, the carbon that it has absorbed then gets

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The Extension of The Oregon Conservation Center

The Oregon Conservation Center, located in Portland, has added a one story volume to their three story building that was done in the 1970’s. This one story addition featured DR Johnson’s cross-laminated timber and was one of the very first built in the US with CLT’s. The addition will provide the Conservation Center with 15,000 sq ft, giving them more space to host meetings, events, and conferences.  This article done by De Zeen, highlights all of the unique factors of this incredible building. Find out more by clicking the link below: De Zeen - Oregon Conservation Center  

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Progress at Oregon State

Oregon State's new forest science lab is set to have its grand opening October 10th. The 17,500 sq ft wood products lab will provide office space for the Tallwood Design Institute and space for testing and research labs equipped with the latest technology. The lab consists of 40 foot ceilings to accommodate structural wood testing and wood products manufacturing. The lab will give the extra space needed, and the most updated technology needed, including a german manufactured Robot that will be used to mill wooden components. In addition to the forest science lab, Peavy Hall on Oregon States campus is also set to be completed in March of 2020! The

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Rising CLT at University of Oregon

University of Oregon is in the process of building their Knight Campus for accelerating scientific impact in Eugene, Oregon. The first if DRJ mass timber to be implemented into U of O’s campus was for their redesigned canopy at Hayward Field. It was the first of many deliveries that will be making its way from our DRJ plant in Riddle, Oregon. The University of Oregon is looking to build more with mass timber in order to create a sustainable campus for students. The director of design at UO and Oregon State University collaborative TallWood Design Institute, Sheine, said that the campus mezzanines will be built from the mass timber

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PSU tests new green wood’s seismic strength

Via Portland Tribune Jennifer Anderson January 3, 2017 When the 12-story Framework building planned at Portland’s Northwest 10th Avenue and Glisan Street is complete, it may look to passers-by like any other Pearl District condo tower. Designers and engineers across the country are chasing an innovative style of mass timber construction pioneered in Europe, which they believe will go a long way to reduce the carbon footprint of large buildings.But it will hold a special distinction in the sustainable building world: the nation’s tallest building made primarily from mass timber (long pieces of timber, glue-laminated together). The breakthrough came with the development of cross-laminated timber or CLT: Large, layered

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Mass Timber Assemblies Earn New Fire Rating

As the first U.S. certified manufacturer of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), D.R. Johnson (DRJ) is dedicated to showing the benefits of using this innovative building material. To accomplish this, DRJ has partnered with many academic institutions and industry leaders to showcase CLT and glulam’s ability to withstand everything from seismic events to fire blasts. Most recently, DRJ joined the Softwood Lumber Board, Arup and MyTiCon to participate in fire testing of glulam beam-to-column connectors in Type IV construction. The lack of an “off-the-shelf” fire rated solution for glulam beam-to-column connectors was a barrier to medium-rise mass timber construction. Several successful fire tests existed, but none specifically for this implementation. The

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