Project Description

Richard Woodcock Center

The Richard Woodcock Education Center is a new stand alone two-story, 57,000 sf building at Western Oregon University architected by Mahlum Architects. The structure of this building consists of many different types of wood products, and is considered “unique” for its feature use of our very own cross-laminated timber. The DRJ CLT was used in the two main lounges at the two main entrances to the building in wall and floor applications. 

Former Oregon Governor Kitzhabor recognized the building for being a “innovative use of wood products as a green building material, which encourages innovative uses of wood products and increases markets in Oregon wood products,” according to Western Oregon University press release.

Project Details

(WOU) Mounmouth, Oregon

Use Of Mass Timber
Student Lounge

1,500 Sq’

Designed By
Mahlum Architects

Anderson Construction

Project Gallery